Welcome to Maryland!


Hours of Operation and Outside Contractors Requirements

  • The yard is open from 0900 a.m. to Dusk, seven days a week.
  • Please keep noise to a minimum at all times
  • All outside contractors must report to the marina office with acceptable proof of liability and Workers Compensation insurance before starting work on any vessel. Outside contractors must abide by all of the marina rules and regulations and must have a signed copy of this firm on file with our office.
  1. Haul and Launch
    1. It is your responsibility to open and close all seacocks / drain plugs. You must inform the marina of the locations of any underwater mechanisms or assume responsibility if they are damaged during haulout.
    2. We must have access to the interior of your boat when it is hauled or launched.
    3. You must provide dock lines for launch.
  1. Please keep it clean
    1. Dustless sanders and grinders are recommended, A dustless sander is available for rent from the marina office.
    2. Use taps or filters fabric under your boat to collect paint chips and other debris.
    3. Use drip pans with all liquids.
    4. Store waste solvents, rags, and paints in covered containers and dispose of them responsibly away from the marina.
    5. No washing or cleaning of painting tools and equipment at the yard.
    6. No washing paint covered or greasy hands or using solvents in the restrooms.
  1. General Operating Rules
    1. No sanding or painting over the water.
    2. Report all spills, accidents, or incidents to marina personnel immediately.
    3. We do not loan tools.
    4. We do not allow live aboards or overnight stays on land.
    5. No unattended heaters on vessels in the yard.
    6. Please disconnect your water hose and electric at the end of each workday.
    7. Fire Code requires boats in dry storage cannot be left plugged into shore power while unattended.
    8. No smoking is allowed in any marina building.
    9. If you bring your pet, it must be kept on a leash at all times and you must clean up after it. All pet waste is to be bagged and disposed of in the dumpster.
    10. Masts may not be climbed or unstepped while the vessel is on land.
    11. Boat stands may not be repositioned by anyone other than marina personal. The stands will be moved, at your request, for a charge of $20 per boat.
    12. We do not loan ladders or extension cords, and we are not responsible for your ladders left in yard.
    13. A fee of $25 will be charged for each check returned for insufficient funds.
    14. Solomons Yachting / Mccreadys is not responsible for damages to any wooden boat resulting from yard service it provides the boats owner, including lifiting the boat rom or placing it in the water, pressure washing, moving, blocking, or otherwise manipulating it in this facility.